Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nice Matters

My friend Becky awarded me a kind of cool little "pay it forward" award titled the "Nice Matters Award." Since my blog has never won an award before (I wasn't even sure anyone read it at all), it thrills me that Becky saw fit to give me this award. But I have to tell you I wish I could give this award to so many people...who don't blog but live it.

First and foremost, I wish I could give it to my church. You know this week I was forced to swallow a bitter little pill for myself and ask for some help moving. That email somehow got passed on to the Care Committee at my church. And that little bird is going to make my life so much more comfortable.

My friend Twila is going through some serious stuff. I'm trying to help her. I fall down at that a lot. She still loves me. She deserves a nice award.

My, they are some seriously nice people. You should see the picture the little one drew for me this weekend.

My remember him, the gruff Scot? Oh he's a peach. May be the nicest man I've ever known.

My SISTER. You know how nice she is? She hardly ever mentions that I'm not a Baptist. Do you know how hard that is? And she loves me anyway!

My friends who call me and forgive me for hanging up on them because I'm a big ol' butterfingers who can't manage my cell phone properly...they are NICE.

I guess I'm just saying, nice really, REALLY doesn't happen in a vacuum. And I'm so blessed that someone noticed. But I'm even more blessed for the people who teach me nice every single day.

Here are some of the bloggers who teach me nice too. They are getting the award from me.


Shari said...

This is a great post! I read your blog with every new post so I'm sure there are others of us out there!

Barb said...

Thanks for saying my blog is nice. And just for taking time to shout out to other people. I love the way you write, Ei. The post about the tree made me cry. I planted a treee on Ana's first birthday in our old house. When I drove past the house again, the new owners had removed it. I cried, then, too. But there is this tree at my new(ish) house that makes a good confidant. I hope you find one at your new house, too.

Yes, I did.

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