Sunday, February 17, 2008

Trapped in an alternate universe

I probably shouldn't complain. I'm spending my afternoon with the five year old...the picky one. About an hour ago we started discussing options for lunch. He didn't want this sandwich or that soup. Nope, no left over spaghetti or chili. He would have settled for some beanie weanie, if I had either the beans or the weanies to make such a thing. So I did the only thing we could do, we went on a tour of the kitchen, me fully expecting to be feeding him cereal with syrup or somthing. You have to understand, this is the child who won't eat green M & M's for fear that they are vegetable like. So you probably can understand why I nearly fainted when after a cursory glance at the fridge, he announced he'd have a, no meat required.

If he finishes up and goes up to clean his room I'm calling the police.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Emily Rose

In January, my nine year old niece was diagnosed with osteocarcinoma, a cancer that manifested in the bones of her arm, and subsequently spread into her lungs through the lymphatic system. The cancer was found because a mass in her upper arm grew large enough to break the bone. She has begun chemotherapy treatments, and if they can get the tumor in her arm down to manageable size she will have her arm amputated at the shoulder.

My half-sister, Karla and her husband Dan have no health insurance and have been out of work for several weeks now caring for Emily. Their local women's club (in San Diego) is doing a fundraiser for them. If you have even a couple of dollars to spare to help them out, I know we would all appreciate it. The address to mail donations is:

Checks payable to: GFWC-MIRA MESA WOMEN'S CLUB

Mail to:
Sandra Cabral
10769 Parkdale Avenue
San Diego, Ca. 92126

Edited to add website (paypal button here):

For anyone who is in the San Diego area and would like details on the event being held at Fudruckers for Emily, please email me and I'll get you the flyer.

Support a candidate this year who wants to do something about the state of health care for everyone in this nation. Emily is a good reminder of why it is so vital that this issue be addressed.

Yes, I did.

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