Sunday, June 08, 2008

Under my elbow

I never realized how hard it is to type with someone's head jammed under my elbow. It seems like everytime I sit down to work on the computer there is someone's head rammed right up under my elbow.

You never stop learning as a parent. Seriously.


farm suite said...

I'm SO in love with the size word letter count. That's a reason to celebrate summer break, right there. Ice cream, anyone?

And the elbow. Yeah, you didn't get the memo?

Usually I have a cat on the keyboard, a dog at one elbow, and a child at the other.

Maybe someone's still working on voice recognition software for keyboarding. Except then you'd get the kid requests all mixed in with the work.

Hey, my comment might be longer than your post. I missed hearing from you :)

Ei said...

Haven't I ever told you? Elyas is my own personal walking talking Buddhist koan. Life is good.

Yes, I did.

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