Saturday, March 25, 2006

For the reader's information

In case there is anyone digging through the archives of my blog who is unfamiliar with my personal story, I'm adding this note. My earliest blogs are copied from a more personal forum and I shared a great deal of private information in them, as the only people who had access to them were my friends. As this is not private, I am sharing only that it was during this time that my husband and I decided to divorce. You will note, I'm sure that it significantly changes my story and my writing. I have no desire to air dirty laundry about my marriage, and I respect my soon to be ex-husband enough to honor his privacy as well, so I just want to know if you feel like you might have missed's probably because I've edited it out.

Ei on 10-8-06

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mixed-Up / Backwards Day with Dev

Dev's school is having spirit week this week. My feeling is, it's something to contribute to the general insanity that IS the week before Spring Break. So Monday was favorite sports team day, easy. Yesterday was wear your pajamas to school long as he felt like he had the BEST pj's it was great (and Spiderman pj's are pretty cool). Today however, as unchallenging as it seems, Mixed-Up / Backwards day was a tough one for Dev.

First, he couldn't quite deal with clothes that didn't match. Then there was the problem of pockets flapping everywhere if he wore his pants inside out. He didn’t' like the collar up against his neck when he wore his shirt backwards. He finally settled on wearing one shoe and one snow boot...except it made a funny noise when he walked.
We finally decided he could be backward by being normal when everyone else was mixed up and backward.

Yes, I did.

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