Sunday, January 17, 2016

Coffee, Tea or...what?

I'm out of coffee filters, so this morning I turned to my calming, caring soothing English Breakfast tea.  It made me think of Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer responding to an inquiry about why he was drinking coffee, as he was English, shouldn't he be drinking tea?  "Tea is soothing," he responded, "I wish to be tense."  Ain't it the truth?

At my age, with my stomach, I think coffee is just the same to me as the men I was attracted to when I was in my twenties - when we're together it's dark savory sexy fun...but a few hours later I'm full of remorse with a stomach ache and a headache to boot.  You try to sweeten him up, with syrup and milk and foam - but you aren't really going to change him.  At the end of the day you still have no comfort that he's any damn good for you.  

Tea on the other hand, is rather like the boys I tried to like, but somehow never captured my imagination.  Tea is tender and kind, it lets you call the shots and honestly getting a good cup is a relatively easy endeavor...just add a little hot water and the proper amount of time.  Teas come in many varieties, citrus and woody, spicy or tart.There are all sorts of naturally healthy teas.  A good cup of tea always takes good care of you when you're sick. I should want to drink tea. I want to want to drink tea.  But when I wake up groggy and looking for satisfaction, I can't even remember Tea's name until I'm at the bottom of my third cup of Cafe Bustelo.  And by that time I'm swearing off these damn hot morning drinks forever.  Forever, do you hear me?  I'm going to get right with myself and just drink water for the rest of my life. 

Because that's really going to happen.

Of course, maybe I'll finally break up with coffee for good and all. He'll find some cup bearer who isn't hung up on creamer,  or doesn't complain about needing Zantac to get through the day and I'll find a nice decaf herbal tea to settle down with.  I spent some time with really nice Lemon & Ginger tea recently. Maybe I'll invite him over for brunch this weekend. 

Yes, I did.

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