Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Go me!

So as I mentioned, today is my birthday. I guess my boys have really been saving their pennies because after a rotten day at work I picked them up and took us out to dinner. Our usual diner is being remodeled, so we took ourselves to Perkins. And the boys gave me a great little table lamp and a DVD player. Our old DVD player died in January. In May I bought a portable DVD player that I could attach to the TV for our vacation. The boys broke it two days after the 30 day warranty was I wasn't in a rush to replace it. So I guess they decided they want their movies back. Ha! Well...honestly I really don't like that the ex-husband spent that kind of money on me for them, but I can't exactly say that. I just makes me feel like I owe him something, and if there is anyone I don't want to owe anything to...well. Anyway.

Guess what I did! Oh just guess! I just programmed my very own universal remote! Don't LAUGH! I've installed toilets, repaired lawn mowers, and loaded concrete at a lumber yard, but that damn universal remote scares me. I can't believe I conquered it! I feel like such a WO-man! Go me!

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Carolie said...

A very, very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the Kind and Gentle People in my world! I'm so sorry I missed this post...was visiting family in the US of A.

Wishing you joy, peace, and lots of giggling for your new year!

Yes, I did.

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