Sunday, November 11, 2007

Who needs Santa when you have dimples?

So do you think there is some subliminal messaging going on in the random play with the fridge magnets?
This, if no one has noticed, is my magic child. No seriously, great mind bending magic flies out of him when you least expect it. Remember when Harry accidentally set the snake on Dudley? It is totally like that. Like on Thursday I picked him up from daycare and we were dangerously close to being late for picking up his brother and traffic was horrible. I was at that place where every ounce of my being was being devoted to holding on to a long blue stream of obscenities. He was smiling and happy when I picked him up, as he usually is, and he was having a conversation with a train in the back seat. Suddenly he said "Mama!"
"Yeah, babe."
"Deedee is swinging from vines!"
Deedee is the name we've given the car.
"See those black lines? They are vines, mom!"
I can't see any black lines. I look around thinking maybe he's seeing shadows of light posts or electrical wires or something.
"Elyas, I can't see any black lines."
"Oh, that's because this is my world mom."
See? Magic.

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