Monday, April 21, 2008

Go lightly.

If one were to read my last post, say, without knowing me, or um...talking to me regularly, you might think that I'm a drama queen. But those people who know me, love me, and talk to me every stinking day will assure you that I am a drama queen. It's all good. I know who I am and I know when to succumb to it and when to ride it lightly. Please know that I'm okay, Dev is okay, and we are riding it lightly 90% of the time. And when we need to be dramatic, we tackle that with panache...and try to step on each other's lines without stumbling over them.

On Sunday I picked up the boys after church. It was their weekend with their dad, but he works with the youth group on Sunday afternoons so they spend a few hours with me. It's generally a nice quiet time to kick back or make a trip to the library. This week Dev produced a CD I'd made for him while the divorce was still fresh, full of tunes to help keep him upbeat, that called upon both my history and his, our shared love of music. We popped it in as we drove home and it ran through a couple of songs as I drove to work today, and it made me smile. I picked Dev up from his second to last day at the hospital partial program and we sang The Bear Necessities together as I drove him to his daycare. And when I hopped in the car to drive home, I turned the key and was greeted with this.

This is the key to our life, to any life really. Go lightly.


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LaDonna said...

Aw, Ei! It's OK. That's part of what blogging is just let it all out when you have to. And for heaven's sake, did college not teach you that being a drama queen is OK!??? :)

Love ya, girl! Hang in there!

Yes, I did.

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