Monday, April 28, 2008

Update on Emily

I just wanted to let you all know that Emily will have her surgery on her arm on Wednesday morning. The surgeons need a relatively small amount of bone that can be saved (I believe it was a quarter of an inch on the sides and below her shoulder socket) in order to be able to place pins in her arm to save it. If removing the tumor takes too much of the bone tissue, they will have to amputate. She's had really good progress with the chemotherapy...all but two of the tumors in her lungs are completely gone! This surgery is a big thing for her. Keep her in your thoughts, drop a prayer for her, or eat some sketti on her behalf. She's a livin' doll, really, she is.


Karly said...

Eating pasgetti and sending big (((hugs)).

veganbaby said...

You know we'll have some spaghetti! Perhaps I'll add some veganballs for extra good luck!

Yes, I did.

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