Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm back

So I hid my blog away for a little while because I got a call from the ex who made me feel like someone was cyberstalking me. And you know I know this person (who really already doesn't like me) and it felt a little creepy. So I made my blog private for awhile and considered deleting it all together. After awhile though, I realized that I LIKE my little blog and if mean-spirited crazy person wants to read my random thoughts, memes, and funny things that my kids say, well then, welcome to the looney bin.

And the rest of you, I love you. So there.


Barb said...

Well, thank goodness is all I say. You can't let the terrorists win, my friend. Let that weird-spirited person read your stuff and maybe learn something from how much grace you show.

Kristen said...

Good to see you're back. I found you from Damomma, love your funnies there, and your insights here.

Karly said...

I love ya, Ei!

Yes, I did.

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