Friday, April 14, 2006

I woosh I woosh with all my might...

Dev has a tricky way of trying to get his way...he'll say something like "I wish we could have ice cream for supper." Of course I say "I'm sorry but that isn't going to happen." Then he can be all offended and say "I said I WISH!" As if I have no right to respond to it...because it's just a little wish he's throwing out into the universe that I have no right interfering with. Of course if I said "Oh GOOD IDEA, rocky road or chocolate chip cookie dough?" he wouldn't complain. But more often than not, he is chastising me for interfering with his interface with the divine ice cream forces of the universe. See, it's a little sneaky. He can ask for ridiculous things, but doesn't have to take responsibility for being ridiculous. But I figure he's six. We'll deal with this more as he grows.

Well since we've announced the separation, clinginess abounds. I haven't had the space to move in my own bed most nights because I have two wriggly little men glued to my sides, each trying to kiss me hug me love me all night long. Its very sweet, but not really conducive to good sleep. Add to this difficulty an allergy induced cough...fuggetaboutit. Two nights ago, at about 1:30 I finally brought the boys to the living room floor for a camp out and some cough medicine for Dev. As we settled in to try to get some sleep Elyas piped up "I WOOOOSH I could watch Thomas..."

"I'm sorry baby, it's time to go to sleep."

"I SAID I WOOOOOSH!" as he swooped his hand through the air like an airplane.
A fine tradition continues.

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