Saturday, April 15, 2006

Yeah, he's my kid...

People get very confused talking to me about my belief in a higher power. I tell them I'm agnostic tending toward theism, and maybe deism, but I definitely believe that there's a collective energy that ties us together...which is usually met with a) a blank stare or b) some comment or another about "The Force."

So the following conversation wasn't surprising, but it was sure funny, to me anyway.

Dev - Elyas we get to hunt for Easter Eggs tomorrow!

Mom - Yeah, the Easter Bunny is probably on his way right now!

Dev - I hope he doesn't get caught in a trap or something.

Mom - I think he's got some kind of magic or something that he can protect himself from stuff like that.

Dev - (Thoughtful) Like some kind of shield...yeah. Maybe he just jumps out of a hat?

Mom - (Trying not to laugh) Yeah...maybe...

Dev - Maybe he's not even real. What if he's not real, Mommy?

Mom - I don't know. What do you think of that?

Dev - I think maybe it's just Santa.

Mom - Yeah, probably.

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