Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I don't know about you but I really love the Johnny Depp version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ok, yes Mysty, Johnny is creepy...I have to give you that. But he's always been creepy and it's a weird part of his sex appeal. But that isn't why I love this version of this story. As much as I LOVE Gene Wilder and the little orange Oompa Loompas, that version lacked the squirrels. More specifically, it lacked beautiful little Julia Winter delivering the immaculate line "Daddy, I want a squirrel!" Her diction alone was enough to inspire me to wander around for days saying "Squirrel, squirrel, squirrel!" in my best fake British accent. My boys hate it when I do things like that. But it's a mother's job to annoy her children, and I'm just warming up for their teenaged years.

My life got, well, a little squirrelly again yesterday. In fact, something downright weird happened to me yesterday. First, let me share with you that I got an invite to subscribe to a blog yesterday from a total and complete stranger. Ok that's not so weird, those kinds of things happen all the time, right? I checked his profile to see if maybe it was somehow someone I was connected to, you know, from my past? I'm always curious to see what happened to the kids I went to high school with. But he wasn't one of those people. And while there was nothing particularly offensive about his profile, I couldn't even see much of anything we have in common, saving one. We are born under the same astrological sign in the same year. So in the hopes of furthering science and seeing if our astrological similarities spelled out personality similarities, I decided to read one of his blogs. It was not a side splitter, and it wasn't a very long blog, but in essence it is about him seeing a tail-less squirrel, and how that freaked him out and caused him to wonder about the poor squirrel's life. Like I said, kind of cute. Fast forward several hours when this was the last thing on my mind. I was getting home from work and my mind was full of personal business stuff I needed to accomplish during the evening. My arms were full of stuff I was carrying from the car and as I walked across the parking lot at my apartment, I dropped my keys. A flurry of motion in front of me made me look up as I had knelt to retrieve them. About four feet in front of me know what's coming...honest and no kidding, a squirrel with no tail. NO SHIT. Can you believe this? Oh ok the thing had a little stub, it looked like a teeny poof on his butt, but still!

Now what the hell does this mean? Is my spirit animal the ferocious tail-less squirrel? Is it a sign that my means for balance in the universe has been amputated from me? Am I just a karmic FREAK? Seriously...who else would this happen to?


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