Friday, May 12, 2006

More squirrels

So in the car on the way to school yesterday Dev says, "Hey mommy, what is it that squirrels like again?"

I was a little surprised, but then, nothing surprises me anymore. Dev has tuned in to my squirrel frequency, I guess.

"What do you mean 'like?' You mean what kind of food do they like?"


So I ticked off a list of things I've seen squirrels eat. Then he asked me if we could buy some peanuts to feed to the squirrels this weekend. I said sure, asked him if he wanted to put a little plate out in the courtyard where he could watch from his room or if he wanted to go to Grey's Lake and take a walk and see if we could find any squirrels there to feed.

"Both, please."

So apparently this theme won't be exiting my life this weekend.

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